The Birthday Book (Pink Cover)

The Birthday Book (Pink Cover)


Store over 1400 birthdays and anniversaries of friends, family and colleagues, in this stylish and sophisticated notebook for recording key dates. It is important to note the Archer House Birthday Book is laid out in a unique and very practical 'month-to-view format that other birthday books do NOT use. This means that when you open your book, in the month of November for example, you will see all the birthdays and anniversaries of friends, family, associates and colleagues for that month at a single glance. The key point is, you won't have to keep dipping back into your book every few days, wasting what we are sure is your valuable time. This feature gives the Archer House Birthday Book a functionality and practicality that other birthday books can never have. So, with this book, you will be able to update your mobile phone, Mac, PC, Blackberry, organiser or other devices just once each month, safe in the knowledge that your information will never be deleted, stolen, become obsolete or have to be re-written up every year, as is the case with diaries and calendars. This is a functionality other Birthday Books are unable to offer! This book also has a 'year born' facility that helps you add that personal and more intimate touch at birthday and anniversary time. Imagine what it would mean to friends and family, that you not only remembered their anniversary or their child s birthday, but that you cared enough, even to remember specifically which, anniversary and birthday it was. If you wish this book as a gift to a loved one, let us send it direct to them on your behalf. This book will allow you to be the person who creates the central store for all the birthdays of your place of work, organisation or team. Learn the traits of your birth-sign (birth stone, key phrase, key element etc... ) This product has a wonderful finish quality and well designed feel to it. There are other birthday books on the market, but none with the unique layout or stylish beauty of this one. The covers for all seven colours have an exquisite finish. It is a purchase that will last a lifetime and give ongoing satisfaction and fun for all of that time.

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