Read and Speak Korean for Beginners, Third Edition

Read and Speak Korean for Beginners, Third Edition


Learn how to communicate in Korean with this accessible, entertaining program!

Learning a new language can be especially challenging when the language uses a non-Roman script. Read and Speak Korean for Beginners, 3rd Edition overcomes this obstacle by providing an accessible, entertaining program to reinforce vocabulary and help you create basic structures. Each of the book's eight topics was designed to help you develop your communication skills in key areas of daily life, such as introducing yourself, asking for directions, talking about your family and your country, and describing people, places, and objects.

This updated edition is supported by flashcards for vocabulary in each topic, and two end-of-topic quizzes. The accompanying audio via the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app features all the key words and phrases so you can hear how they are pronounced and then have a chance to repeat them. Fun tests and puzzles reinforce your progress. Additional listening activities and games are also featured for additional language reinforcement.

Read and Speak Korean, 3rd Edition features:

* An accessible, proven approach to help you communicate in Korean
* A two-color layout and photographs illustrating key vocabulary
* Games, puzzles, flashcards, and audio lessons to help you build languages skills
* Clear explanations of how basic phrases are used for practical communication
* Streaming audio for valuable speaking and listening practice
* Detachable flashcards for language reinforcement, and more

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