My First Things That Go Let's Get Moving

My First Things That Go Let's Get Moving


Planes, trains and automobiles! A remarkable picture book, full of all the things that travel through the air and across the land and sea.

Your little one's vocabulary will grow fast with this attractive tabbed board book. Learn about everything that has wheels, wings and sails, from toys to construction vehicles.

Packed with bright colourful photos of real-life vehicles, your toddlers will learn how to recognise all the things that move around them. Learning different names and terms is an exciting stimulation for early childhood language development. The reference book also introduces different types of travel and transportation so they will know what a boat or plane is before they take their first journey!

The book has strong board pages made especially for young children. The chunky tabs, on the top or the side, are easy to grab to help with early motor control. Pre-schoolers will quickly recognise the picture on the tab which will take them straight to the page with their favourite transportation.

Each page is dedicated to a different type of moving thing, such as tractors and trucks, with easy to read labels so they can sound out the words with you. The interactive book encourages kids to count the cars, name the colours, and answer questions about each mode of transport. A perfect, rounded early learning reading experience for babies and up.

Let's Get Moving!

- Bright clear photographs of everything from cycles to digger trucks
- Chunky tabbed pages to improve dexterity
- Easy to read text with names and descriptions

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