The Lord Is My Shepherd : Resting in the Peace and Power of Psalm 23

The Lord Is My Shepherd : Resting in the Peace and Power of Psalm 23


Rob Morgan, bestselling author of Then My Soul Sings, explores the rich meaning behind the world's best-known and most-loved poem--Psalm 23. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters... These are the opening lines to one of the most memorized, inspirational, and comforting passages in the Bible--and one of the greatest poems of all time. In six verses, it provides a microcosm of God's grace. When anxiety robs us of sleep, our most powerful "tranquilizer" is Psalm 23. It's a soul-soother. It appears in the middle of a trilogy of psalms dealing with our past, our present, and our future needs. In The Lord is My Shepherd, Morgan teaches Psalm 23 verse-by-verse, explaining its extraordinary power to change lives and ease our troubles. He shares its fascinating context and colorful background, as well as his own charming, real-life stories of herding sheep. You'll find encouragement to enjoy the "green pastures" of life while becoming strengthened by the "dark valleys." Furthermore, Morgan maintains that some of the Bible's richest truths are summarized in these six simple verses of Psalm 23. In knowing the Good Shepherd, we have total resources for all our internal, external, and eternal needs. Through this clear explanation of the biblical text and great stories that illustrate the love and care of the shepherd, The Lord is My Shepherd will help you rediscover the joy, inspiration, and peace in the green pastures of this beloved psalm.

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