BLITZ : Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

BLITZ : Trump Will Smash the Left and Win




"'BLITZ, Trump Will Smash the Left and Win', by David Horowitz. Amazon #1 Bestseller. Hot book, great author!" - President Donald J. Trump
"We love David Horowitz. He thinks Trump is gonna win in a landslide in November, and he gives reasons why in the book, and he says Republicans are gonna be singing 'Happy Days Are Here Again' once November comes and the election is over and the votes are counted." - Rush Limbaugh
"He is one of the bravest guys. He found the real intent [of the Left] was to control America. He has never, ever sat down. A true national treasure." - Glenn Beck

"If you're interested in debating deranged liberals with facts, you won't want to miss this latest book." - Donald Trump, Jr.

"BLITZ is a MUST-read for those who want to better understand what is really happening in the 'idea war' for the soul of America." - Governor Mike Huckabee

BLITZ reveals the attacks made against Trump have been the most brutal ever mounted against a sitting president of the United States. Blinded by deep-seated hatred of his person and his policies, the left even desperately tried to oust Trump in a failed impeachment bid. Horowitz shows that their very attacks-targeting a man whose mission has been to "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again" backfired, turning Trump himself into a near martyrwhile igniting the fervor of his "base."

With the 2020 election upon us, New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz chronicles the brutal battles, bitter backlash, and leftwing lies Trump has faced as Democrats repeatedly try to sabotage his presidency. You'll discover the left's terrifying socialist and, in some cases, communist agendas as you've never seen them before. Trump's response? In the meantime, he's going to steamroll this opposition in November using the same playbook he has used to win before. In BLITZ you will find shocking revelations:

The 9 biggest dangers to America the left poses-their agenda will blow your mind.
Show me the money: naming the billionaires and fat cats really out to get Trump.
How patriotism suddenly became "white nationalism" linking Trump to Hitler and the KKK .
The growing secularism of the left and how the hate pushed against Christians will backfire.
Why every effort to demonize Trump and his supporters is failing like crazy.
Obama's agenda: how the former president casts a much greater shadow over Trump's political woes than you ever imagined.
The Genius: how Trump's brilliant strategy has worked and will continue to work, making him president again in 2021!

The effort to remove and destroy our duly elected President may be the greatest challenge America has faced since the Civil War, explains Horowitz. For the first time BLITZ exposes the left's strategy to take down Trump, and how Trump not only beat them at their own game, but how he's turning the tables on them to achieve a stunning reelection win come November.

"An indispensable book-BLITZ- explaining why today's Democrats are so dangerous and why President Trump is their nemesis." - Mark R. Levin, New York Times bestselling author of Unfreedom of the Press

"BLITZ is the latest must-read from Horowitz: insightful, hard-hitting, controversial, and uncompromising. Ignore him at your peril." - Peter Schweizer, New York Times bestselling author of Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption

"This is the book your anti-Trump relatives and friends should clear a moral indictment of the anti-Trump left as has been written." - Dennis Prager, President of PragerU and New York Times bestselling author

"Unparalleled insight into the current political climate, how we got here and what it means for 2020 elections." - Sean Spicer, Host of Spicer & Co., Newsmax TV

"Horowitz understands the left's malevolent goals and how to stop them. This is a must read-book!" - Charlie Kirk, New York Times bestselling author of The MAGA Doctrine

"[David Horowitz] author and political activist believes President Donald Trump should focus on the issue of keeping Americans safe to help secure his re-election in the fall." - One News Now

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