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Katzenbesitzer stehen vor einer großen Auswahl an Dosen- und Trockenfutter, wenn es um die Ernährung ihres Stubentigers geht. Doch meist ist unklar, woher das Fleisch fürs Fertigfutter überhaupt kommt und ob der Fleischanteil für den Beutegreifer Katze ausreichend ist. BARF (Biologisch Artgerechtes Rohes Futter) orientiert sich am natürlichen Fressverhalten der Katze. Die Nährstoffzusammensetzung des Beutetieres wird möglichst naturnah nachempfunden - so erhält Ihre Samtpfote eine ausgewogene Ernährung. Dr. Natalie Dillitzer vermittelt kompaktes Grundwissen über den Nährstoffbedarf von Katzen. Sie gibt wichtige Tipps zur richtigen Versorgung bei verschiedenen Altersstufen oder Gewichtsklassen sowie Zubereitungshinweise und Anleitungen für ausgewogene Rezepte. Ein fundierter und alltagstauglicher Einstieg in die BARF-Ernährung bei Katzen. Als Extra gibt's die GU Heimtier Plus-App. Damit wird der Tierratgeber interaktiv und hält weitere interessante Zusatzinfos und Bilder bereit.

Have you notice your mother, father or who ever was your primary guardian believed you can learn to get along with anyone. That is why they let you loose on the world. They had confidence in your ability to learn to deal with contrary, annoying or difficult people.

Also, anyone who has ever has, or who ever will, hire you assumes the same thing. So there are lots of people who already know you can connect with anyone you perceive as contrary, annoying or difficult. I am among those people too!

In business, since everyone is a potential customer, you meet contrary people regularly. So, not just to survive, but to be a viable and successful business person demands you have the skills to be able to deal with all sorts of people. The most challenging are those who “pull your chain” or “push your buttons” because they can cost you time and money.

So the skills you are going to learn and practice in Dealing With Difficult People are vital to making it in any business. You will both learn and practice them. So you will be assigned specific ‘tasks’ to magnify important aspects of the knowledge and skills needed to connect with difficult people. Also remember you will take these skills to every area of your life to enhance all your relationships. Some of the most contrary people I have meet…are my relatives.

Finally, research shows every time we laugh we learn something important. It is the reason humans love humor. Humor is simply looking at a situation from a new or unique perspective. This unique perspective is interesting and adds to our knowledge and skill so we retain it. So humor anchors important learning points. It is a powerful learning tool which will be used periodically.

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Jenny Martins

Finally I get this ebook BARF für Katzen, thanks for all these I can get now!

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I was suspicious at first when i got redirected to the membership site. Now I'm really excited i found this online library....many thanks Kisses

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Tina Milan

It's very easy to get quality ebooks ;)

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Jim Letland


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Lukasz Czaru

so many fake sites. this is the first one which worked! Many thanks

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Georgina Kalafikis

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